One easy way to take care of your website…

Recently, I went to edit a client’s website and needed a photo from a past event. I tried to search for it without luck because the file was named this:

This file was also 4MB which in web speak is REALLY LARGE!

While WordPress can crop an image it just uses up resources and space on the server.  Uploading large images (right off your iPhone) can make your site REALLY slow especially for people using a mobile device.

Pro Tip: Optimize an image BEFORE uploading it to the website. Give your image file a useful name so it is easier to find later. 

That is all.

Two years but i’ve always been here

I play with this site CONSTANTLY … I test new themes and plugins here, but post, no.

I don’t really make post unless it’s for a test.

I have launched buku sites in the last 2 years. I add sites to the sidebar —->

So, if you need a WordPress site setup for you shoot me an email. Let’s see what we can do for you!



A WordPress Success

I’m so excited at a new website for a Children’s Center in Kenya.   When a friend approached me about setting up a site to inform people of the need of this group I immediately set up a Word Press site.  I thought I would have to spend sometime customizing image for the group, but with only an hour of training Wendy created this beautiful site with wonderful pictures of the children and community involved.  My work has been minimal. I’m so happy someone with a need has seen the ease and usefulness of WordPress and used it for their advantage! Visit!