A WordPress Success

I’m so excited at a new website for a Children’s Center in Kenya.   When a friend approached me about setting up a site to inform people of the need of this group I immediately set up a Word Press site.  I thought I would have to spend sometime customizing image for the group, but with only an hour of training Wendy created this beautiful site with wonderful pictures of the children and community involved.  My work has been minimal. I’m so happy someone with a need has seen the ease and usefulness of WordPress and used it for their advantage! Visit  dalakwe.com!

Excited for my newest project!

I can’t wait for the newest site I’ve been working on to launch.  Story Fusion  a storytelling festival in the Leigh Valley approached me about creating a site for them this year.  They have a great logo so It was easy to build a site around the colors and shapes.  We are using WordPress so they can do the updates to their schedules as needed.  I”ll post when it’s live!

Back to School

For some insane reason I will be attending summer school. I am going to try and improve the weaker parts of my webmaster skills. I am not an artist, nor do I pretend to be one, but I know there are basic elements of graphic arts I need to understand that can enhance what I do. I am both exited and terrified at the same time, especially after seeing the syllabus!) Wish me luck… here I go…

Lehigh Valley Tech Meetup Tonight!

I’ve hoped for a group like this! The Lehigh Valley is a pretty large area and supports a vibrant tech community. I look forward to meeting with others tonight! http://lehighvalleytech.org/