Excellent! WP iPhone App working again!

Very happy that a new update to the WordPress iPhone app is working. The last few versions crashed on me constantly and lead me to uninstall the app. 117 bug fixes were made and it now seems to work.

So if he see this post…. We are a go!

WordCampNYC Playlist

I’m so excited to be heading to WordCampNYC this weekend.  I only heard of it 1 week ago, but I was able to win a ticket from Lisa Sabin-Wilson.  Lisa is the author of WordPress For Dummies and BuddyPress For Dummies.  I’m looking forward to meeting her and Brian Gardner who’s themes I have used.

So, to celebrate, here is what my iTunes gave me for my WordCampNYC playlist!

Words of Love  – The Beatles
The Word   – The Beatles
I’ve Been Inspired (By the word of God)  – Grace and Glory
Word of God Speak   – Kutles
The Word is so Near   –  Michael Card
The Word –  Michael Card
Words   –  The Monkees
Words are not Enough   – Relient k
Handful of Words – Stavesacre
Happy is a Yuppie Word   –  Switchfoot
Time and a Word – yes

Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour  – Terry Taylor
Tommy’s Holiday Camp   – The Who

“New York”
New York Mining Disaster 1941   –  The Bee Gee’s
King Of New York  – From “Newsies”
New York Girls   –  Oysterband
Oh You New York Girls – roger McGuinn

Kansas City  –  The Beatles
Clash City Rockers  –  The Clash
City of the Dead  – The Clash
Suffragette City   – David Bowie
Pilgrims to the City of God  –  Michael Card
The City of Doom  –  Michael Card
City of Delusion  – Muse
Cheekbone City  – Oysterband
City Streets   –  Resurrection Band
City of Angels   –  Gabriel Yared

1.6 hours of music… that’s about how long my bus ride is…