Don’t Buy Shoes Online Unless…

I’m having a bad experience right now with getting shoes online. I’ve have to return them for the 2nd time because this brand appears to run very small. So, right now, it will be at least $27 just spent on S&H … and hoping the new size fits. Also, the company has been terrible in communications and they lost my first return. So, while they did make it up and send the new pair (after 3 weeks), the aggravation has not been worth it.

So, DON”T get shoes online… But here are the exceptions:

Buy from – they charge no S&H! They have an A++ in customer service and they pay their employees fairly.

If you are getting shoes that you KNOW fit you. Same brand and style you have worn for years.  I’ve had good luck getting my crocs or berks online, and even my running shoes, but it was the same model I have been wearing all year.

Ok. Take my advice, save yourself the aggravation.  Shoes online is a crazy idea, stick to books and music or stuff you don’t have to fit. 😉