Holy Crow! (my first thoughts on New Moon)

OK. It’s been six hours now since I saw New Moon. My first impression?  Wow! they didn’t change the story!  Aside from what I calculate as two changes in order, and areas where things happen in days rather than weeks. They did a pretty fine job of getting in many of the major scenes of the book and added very little.

As expected, Kristen Stewart was fabulous at being miserable! I guessed she would be after first movie, as that seemed to be her constant state. The movie Edward has never been “my” Edward and he continues to be the angst filled teenager kind. Taylor did a good job of being Jacob. The teen girls I was with found it hard to go back to the Rob Patterson Edward after seeing such a fine Jacob.

The special effects were great, and “running” vampires where a bit more believable than stupid. I personally thought the wolves where pretty good too. The addition of some fighting with the bad vampires was OK with me also.

Now, I’ve already started my list of what was wrong from a “book” purest point of view, but we’ll save that for another time.
Let’s just savor the success of this second movie that was actually better than the first!

*i am not a writer, nor do I claim to be one”