Make a Unique Playlist

ok… I don’t know if this is really tech info, but I found it fun…

I just made a playlist based on the songs on my computer that are 2:09 minutes long. Here is what I came up with, about 30 minutes of fun!

Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane
Go, Stop – Neon Horse
The Ride of the Rohirim – Return of the King
Jump Up – Elvis Costello
The Man From Galilee – Larry Norman
Moving Along – Josh Garrels
New York Mining Disaster 1941 – The Bee Gees
Hosanna – Jesus Christ Superstar
Now I have Everything – Fiddler on The Roof
How We Were Before – The Zombies
Janie Jones – The Clash
Gump – Weird Al
Poisoning Pigeons in the park – Tom Lehrer
George Murphy – Tom Lehrer

This is a great slice of the music on my ipod! I love that there are 2 Tom Lehrer Songs!

What’s your 2:09 list?