New Playlist

Ok, today’s playlist is songs with Water in them. The list also come up with songs written by Roger Waters.  WHAT’s on your playlist for Water?

Waterloo – Abba

Dirty Water – Dropkick Murphys

Water Buffalo Song – Veggie Tales

Over The Water – Oysterband

A Pillow of Wind – Pink Floyd (by waters)

Underwater – Switchfoot

Glass of Water – Coldplay

Water – Matisyahu

Don’t Drink the Water – Dave Mattews Band

Jesus Walking On The Water –  Violent Femmes

San Tropez – Pink Floyd

Seamus – Pink Floyd

Washing of the Water – Peter Gabriel

Walking On Water Wasn’t Built in a Day – Steve Scott

Blackwaterside – Oysterband

Walking on the Water –  Daniel Amos

Walking on the Water – Michael Card

Rivers of Living Waters – Seeds

Water Under the Bridge – Jars of Clay

Water To Wine – Seeds

Water – The Who