CyTox Bio Labs

slide-cytox2When the team at Cytox Bio Labs opened shop in Houston Texas they needed a web presences that set them apart from the competition and they needed it ASAP.  I worked closely with their staff to build a site that was informative but also had a portal for their customers.

Two years but i’ve always been here

I play with this site CONSTANTLY … I test new themes and plugins here, but post, no.

I don’t really make post unless it’s for a test.

I have launched buku sites in the last 2 years. I add sites to the sidebar —->

So, if you need a WordPress site setup for you shoot me an email. Let’s see what we can do for you!



Playing with

My daughter showed me this new website/app service that with automate a bunch of action between various services. Looks like it could be very fun to work with. Experimenting now.