A Place to Visit in NJ

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting The Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ, right outside Trenton NJ.  The grounds are gorgeous and peaceful. The art is exceptional and versatile.  I’m not sure of the prices because my friend is a member and brought me in, but this place is worth paying a bit.

One of the main features is sculpture J. Seward Johnson creation of many life-like full size sculptures of famous french paintings. You can see some here: Seward Collection

There are many sculptures throughout the community of Hamilton as you drive to and from the gardens. One of the highlights is a giant sculpture by Johnson of the world war 2 photo taken of a sailor kissing a nurse.

Holy Crow! (my first thoughts on New Moon)

OK. It’s been six hours now since I saw New Moon. My first impression?  Wow! they didn’t change the story!  Aside from what I calculate as two changes in order, and areas where things happen in days rather than weeks. They did a pretty fine job of getting in many of the major scenes of the book and added very little.

As expected, Kristen Stewart was fabulous at being miserable! I guessed she would be after first movie, as that seemed to be her constant state. The movie Edward has never been “my” Edward and he continues to be the angst filled teenager kind. Taylor did a good job of being Jacob. The teen girls I was with found it hard to go back to the Rob Patterson Edward after seeing such a fine Jacob.

The special effects were great, and “running” vampires where a bit more believable than stupid. I personally thought the wolves where pretty good too. The addition of some fighting with the bad vampires was OK with me also.

Now, I’ve already started my list of what was wrong from a “book” purest point of view, but we’ll save that for another time.
Let’s just savor the success of this second movie that was actually better than the first!

*i am not a writer, nor do I claim to be one”

WordCampNYC Playlist

I’m so excited to be heading to WordCampNYC this weekend.  I only heard of it 1 week ago, but I was able to win a ticket from Lisa Sabin-Wilson.  Lisa is the author of WordPress For Dummies and BuddyPress For Dummies.  I’m looking forward to meeting her and Brian Gardner who’s themes I have used.

So, to celebrate, here is what my iTunes gave me for my WordCampNYC playlist!

Words of Love  – The Beatles
The Word   – The Beatles
I’ve Been Inspired (By the word of God)  – Grace and Glory
Word of God Speak   – Kutles
The Word is so Near   –  Michael Card
The Word –  Michael Card
Words   –  The Monkees
Words are not Enough   – Relient k
Handful of Words – Stavesacre
Happy is a Yuppie Word   –  Switchfoot
Time and a Word – yes

Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour  – Terry Taylor
Tommy’s Holiday Camp   – The Who

“New York”
New York Mining Disaster 1941   –  The Bee Gee’s
King Of New York  – From “Newsies”
New York Girls   –  Oysterband
Oh You New York Girls – roger McGuinn

Kansas City  –  The Beatles
Clash City Rockers  –  The Clash
City of the Dead  – The Clash
Suffragette City   – David Bowie
Pilgrims to the City of God  –  Michael Card
The City of Doom  –  Michael Card
City of Delusion  – Muse
Cheekbone City  – Oysterband
City Streets   –  Resurrection Band
City of Angels   –  Gabriel Yared

1.6 hours of music… that’s about how long my bus ride is…

Things I Learned From Transformers 2

I just had to watch this movie as the opening scene was filmed in my fair city! It was a bit (ok, a lot) stupid, but there was so much action I was able to finish it!

Here are some vital things I learned from this great piece of cinema inflicted on mostly the male youth of our great nation, and beyond.

1) College Girls are HOT! none are a bit pudgy or wear glasses, and they all act like they just want you!

2) Dogs humping is funny. ha ha… wow! how novel for a movie… so much, they showed us more then once!

I think the guys who wrote the script where 10 or 11. There is a lot of action, and if you like that it’s good to see, other wise very stupid (did i say that already?)