New Playlist

Ok, today’s playlist is songs with Water in them. The list also come up with songs written by Roger Waters.  WHAT’s on your playlist for Water?

Waterloo – Abba

Dirty Water – Dropkick Murphys

Water Buffalo Song – Veggie Tales

Over The Water – Oysterband

A Pillow of Wind – Pink Floyd (by waters)

Underwater – Switchfoot

Glass of Water – Coldplay

Water – Matisyahu

Don’t Drink the Water – Dave Mattews Band

Jesus Walking On The Water –  Violent Femmes

San Tropez – Pink Floyd

Seamus – Pink Floyd

Washing of the Water – Peter Gabriel

Walking On Water Wasn’t Built in a Day – Steve Scott

Blackwaterside – Oysterband

Walking on the Water –  Daniel Amos

Walking on the Water – Michael Card

Rivers of Living Waters – Seeds

Water Under the Bridge – Jars of Clay

Water To Wine – Seeds

Water – The Who

about an ANTI-VIRUS program

Ok, I wish I could get some money from this recommondation, but I can’t.

Not all anti-virus programs are the same. In the past I found the big names  bog down my system and get their tentacles too wrapped around my registry!

For the past 3 years I’ve been using NOD32 an all my computers (even my mac/windows).  It’s quality and lightweight. It doesn’t take forever to boot up or take up too much room on my harddrive.

Try the 30 day traial and see what you think.


Why you should READ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and NOT depend on movie…

MORE VOLDEMORT… or Tom Riddle, whatever you call him. 1/2 this book was how Voldi got to be who he is today… ALL cut out of movie… his sick grandfather, uncle, mother… stuck up father…


Percey, Charlie, Bill, and Fleur… the way it looks now, I’m guessing they’re going to skip the wedding in 7… shame!

House elves, ghost, talking portraits, Trelawny.

The battle at the end… so i’m guess your wondering why the deatheaters had to get into Hogwarts anyway? Just to ruin the furniture? Nope… read the book and find out!

The book actually explains who the half blood prince is and how he got that name.

Now I suppose most of these don’t even bother you cause you have read none of the books, so you don’t even really know who Charlie and Bill are but that’s just it… there is so much more to this story… if you like the movies ya’ll get so much more fun from the books!

Audio books ok by me too 😉


Make a Unique Playlist

ok… I don’t know if this is really tech info, but I found it fun…

I just made a playlist based on the songs on my computer that are 2:09 minutes long. Here is what I came up with, about 30 minutes of fun!

Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane
Go, Stop – Neon Horse
The Ride of the Rohirim – Return of the King
Jump Up – Elvis Costello
The Man From Galilee – Larry Norman
Moving Along – Josh Garrels
New York Mining Disaster 1941 – The Bee Gees
Hosanna – Jesus Christ Superstar
Now I have Everything – Fiddler on The Roof
How We Were Before – The Zombies
Janie Jones – The Clash
Gump – Weird Al
Poisoning Pigeons in the park – Tom Lehrer
George Murphy – Tom Lehrer

This is a great slice of the music on my ipod! I love that there are 2 Tom Lehrer Songs!

What’s your 2:09 list?


Redbox is Pretty Handy

I love my netflix for streaming and old movies, but if you want something new now Redbox is the bomb!  I love how you can reserve online.  You can browse the DVD’s online, and find out what machine in your area has the movie you want.  You can also return your DVD to any redbox!