Reformat Your Hard Drive Once a Year

(ok, i’m talking PC’s right now,  I don’t know if this applies to Mac…)

Your computer collects  “junk” . you might uninstall stuff or delete stuff, but little parts of everything seem to stick around.  This tends to slow down your computer after time.

Reformatting or erasing your hard drive and reinstalling windows can keep your machine buzzing along at a nice pace.  This will also make you BACK UP all those files I have a feeling you never back up? Am I right?

It’s really not that hard a job. You need to A) back up all your prescious files, photos, docs, etc… I suggest getting an external hard drive, they are really cheap now. B) Make a list of all the programs you have that you use and love, then make sure you have a copy to reinstall or can download from the internet. C) Have a copy of your OS, Windows, preferable a LEGAL copy.

I will include some links on the actual process, but this is a good start!

#UPDATE JULY 6th 2009
ok.. maybe this isn’t for the lay person, find a geeky friend to help you, offer them money or dinner. Let them take the compter home overnight. Chances are most of you can’t do this yourself, but, IMHO it’s worth doing!