Why you should READ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and NOT depend on movie…

MORE VOLDEMORT… or Tom Riddle, whatever you call him. 1/2 this book was how Voldi got to be who he is today… ALL cut out of movie… his sick grandfather, uncle, mother… stuck up father…


Percey, Charlie, Bill, and Fleur… the way it looks now, I’m guessing they’re going to skip the wedding in 7… shame!

House elves, ghost, talking portraits, Trelawny.

The battle at the end… so i’m guess your wondering why the deatheaters had to get into Hogwarts anyway? Just to ruin the furniture? Nope… read the book and find out!

The book actually explains who the half blood prince is and how he got that name.

Now I suppose most of these don’t even bother you cause you have read none of the books, so you don’t even really know who Charlie and Bill are but that’s just it… there is so much more to this story… if you like the movies ya’ll get so much more fun from the books!

Audio books ok by me too 😉