WordCampNYC Playlist

I’m so excited to be heading to WordCampNYC this weekend.  I only heard of it 1 week ago, but I was able to win a ticket from Lisa Sabin-Wilson.  Lisa is the author of WordPress For Dummies and BuddyPress For Dummies.  I’m looking forward to meeting her and Brian Gardner who’s themes I have used.

So, to celebrate, here is what my iTunes gave me for my WordCampNYC playlist!

Words of Love  – The Beatles
The Word   – The Beatles
I’ve Been Inspired (By the word of God)  – Grace and Glory
Word of God Speak   – Kutles
The Word is so Near   –  Michael Card
The Word –  Michael Card
Words   –  The Monkees
Words are not Enough   – Relient k
Handful of Words – Stavesacre
Happy is a Yuppie Word   –  Switchfoot
Time and a Word – yes

Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour  – Terry Taylor
Tommy’s Holiday Camp   – The Who

“New York”
New York Mining Disaster 1941   –  The Bee Gee’s
King Of New York  – From “Newsies”
New York Girls   –  Oysterband
Oh You New York Girls – roger McGuinn

Kansas City  –  The Beatles
Clash City Rockers  –  The Clash
City of the Dead  – The Clash
Suffragette City   – David Bowie
Pilgrims to the City of God  –  Michael Card
The City of Doom  –  Michael Card
City of Delusion  – Muse
Cheekbone City  – Oysterband
City Streets   –  Resurrection Band
City of Angels   –  Gabriel Yared

1.6 hours of music… that’s about how long my bus ride is…